Best moment after hesitation :)
Could we share our best moment for facilitation.
Once I supposed to drsign and run 2 hours workshop for 300 participants about corporate values, the time was limited and I was very busy preparing for another training, here how my design went:
  1. I started with an ice breake, igrouped them into trios and I used the cmon game 2 lies and 1 truth since integrity is one of the values, I used it as a transition to the main workshop, even a simple lie people detect you, what about major things at the workplace.
  2. I went through quick review of their values through direct facilitation with interaction with the audience, concluded that with a video explaining the values again.
  3. I invited a guest speaker psychologist who shared an interesting session about belief system, the interaction between ideas, emotions and behaviors.
  4. I used kahoot game using the meaning of their values, since they are too many, every pairs or trios will log in as a team, it was super exciting session to recap what they could retain from their understanding of the values
  5. Last activity, made 8 groups and each will have to write a poem, add lyric and practice in order to perform on stage, it was super creative and amazing, my secret I'll be moving around in order to sequence their performance, the one that seems best ll perform last and vice versa, definitely there are some surprises.
  6. Closed with prizes for winners during the different activities and wrap up session.
Hassanein Ismail
Best moment after hesitation :)
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