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The Profitable Partnership · Performance Based Consulting for Founders & Owners · Investor · Mentor
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Manchester, United Kingdom
Squirrel-chasing visionary entrepreneur starting over/recalibrating future. “Empowering the Journey of Entrepreneurship in Life, Business, & Legacy!”
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Bloomington, Illinois
I'm in strategy.
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I've been a direct response copywriter for the last 4 years and I'm willing to pivot to become a fractional CMO working for dentists.
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Terrassa (Spain)
Direct response copywriter, marketing funnel integrator, and rainmaker.
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I help business owners increase their profits, wealth & impact - with growth initiatives, business acquisitions and unique wealth-building strategies.
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Boston, MA (& East Coast)
I teach service business owners how to attract more leads, make more sales and pay less tax through proper entity structure and tax planning
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Not Enough Leads, Appts, & Sales? Consider an Offer Audit to Revive your Sales with my 7-Day Offer Launch Method - DM me "Free" for 15min Session
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Empowering Iron Sharpens Iron L.E.N.S., AI solutions, backed by reliable research, innovative profit engineering, and persuasive copywriting.
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MilkyWay Galaxy
Active listener.
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Video Editor, Sales Funnel & Marketing Automation Specialist
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Aspiring speaker, chess lover
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Expert at ranking and renting websites which I both do as a business and teach in a course. I also broker loans of $25k - $100 million, and consult!
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Open to all business owners who are looking to dramatically increase revenue by adding an equity compensation model through my "patented" process.
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