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I encourage women to realize their best selves using innovative technology and ancient knowledge to create a ripple effect of change in their life.
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Newly semi-retired social worker/friend/mother/animal lover/counsellor looking for friendships in a positive and safe space.
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Pembroke, Ontario, Canada.
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Pranic Healer & owner of Bring Creativity Home. I design custom creative spaces in homes to support the growth & creative interests of your household.
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San Francisco East Bay, CA
Online Biz Growth Coach with a focus in systems & strategy, showing you how to set up, streamline, and optimize your backend systems!
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Dreams, Oracles, Tarot, Numerology and Astrology all play well together and I love to share how. Lets have fun with it!
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South Jersey
Goofy newlywed with two adult children, paying people in education, dancing my dance, singing my song, and filling the world with joy!
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holistic coach and intuitive healer
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I enjoy spending time with my family. I like to walking along the beach listening to the sound of the sea crashing against the shore- my happy place.
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I'm ready to step into my best life!
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I love all things creative.
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I love cats Love to crochet I've worked at 3 museums and 1 zoo And love watching the birds eat from my bird feeders
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Mental health nurse from the Uk. I love my children, my pets, my family (near and far). Love finding time to reflect. Hate jealousy, love compassion.
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Candi is a Board-Certified Clinical Chaplain, Hospice Chaplain, Spiritual Counselor, Grief Transformation Coach and Guide Soon-to-be-Published Author
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im sasha. peace & love on planet earth ♡☾✩
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A work in progress.
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Whitney Stewart is an award-winning author of nonfiction kids' books, toddlers to young adults. She also teaches mindfulness.
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Idealistic trauma survivor and professional community organizer/educator-turned-energy medicine practitioner, speaker, writer, explorer & artist. ;)
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Seeking spiritual enlightenment
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Qigong instructor, energy healer, mom, and occasional Irish dancer ;)
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Author, speaker, consultant, standard nerd. :)
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I dream of helping people to discover their unique talents and gifts so that they can live a life in flow in a world powered by joy!
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History undergraduate at Cardiff University
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Coach Mel
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