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Warning - Spam and Promotion Messages
Hi everyone. I received a few notifications over the past few days about spam messages and promotions made in private messages to our members. Unfortunately because this is a free group, and because of the topic, there will be promoters and spammers who join the group. Please be cautious when other members message you and recommend anything with a financial cost. I was recently impersonated in the group so be very careful. I will not be selling ANYTHING to you through private messages. And no one else should be either. For most of us, we don't need anyone's "system" or special brokerage accounts. All you need as a beginner is in the Classroom and Blueprint and other free online resources. We all just need to study, and this can be done for free with online resources or through textbooks. But perhaps you will venture off in the future and find a mentor or a trading system you want to learn, and you might buy a course. That's totally fine, there are probably many really good products / courses / mentors, just be careful because there are also many scams. Again, for most of us beginners, we are in a learning phase which requires you to buy nothing other than books IMO. Even the strategy that I will be learning first is 100% free from the RealDayTrading Reddit Group. I have mentioned their WIKI many times. Please be careful with offers you receive and please report any spam or messages you feel are not sent with good intentions. Tyler
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Welcome to the group - Start Here!
> Watch This Introduction Video Hello everyone, I'm Tyler Stokes and I'm excited to welcome you to our Day Trading for Beginners community on Skool. This community is designed for those of you who are at the beginning of your day trading journey and aspire to transition into full-time day trading. What This Community Offers: Classroom: This is where I'll be sharing everything I'm learning on my journey to become a full-time day trader. Eventually there will be courses covering all the steps required to become a full-time day trader. Find all the free courses in the Classroom here. Community Section: Engage in discussions, find accountability partners, and celebrate your wins. Every week I will be sharing what I have learned and I encourage you to do the same. It's a great place to keep yourself accountable and connect with other likeminded people. Join, Share, and Grow: As we're just getting started, the goal is to make this community incredibly useful for everyone who wants to take day trading seriously. Whether you're looking for an accountability partner, eager to share your journey with us, or just wanting to study privately, this platform is for you. Get Involved: Introduce yourself in the general discussion section, find an accountability partner, and actively participate in building this community. Your involvement can help shape this into a special place for beginners eager to become full-time day traders. Thank you for joining. Let's make this community a remarkable resource for all aspiring day traders. Access the wiki from the RealDayTrading reddit group here. Subscribe on YouTube Listen to the Podcast
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Welcome to the group - Start Here!
Progress to date
Hi folks, haven't posted in a while but I have been working away diligently to continue learning about day trading. Having just finished listening to Tyler's final episode of season 1 podcast, I thought it a good time to share what else I've been up to and what I plan to focus on over the summer. Aside from the podcast (which I've found to be a great steady learning resource) I've been listening to technical analysis of the financial markets (audio book), and watching other YouTube channels for visual explanations of common technical indicators, volume, chart patterns etc. Over the summer, I plan to take a deep dive into technical analysis and to revisit a few of the key episodes of season 1 podcast - its been a great journey so far and I'm looking forward to digging deeper into some of the fundamentals. All the best folks!
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Just found this group today. As a beginner I think this will be very helpful to connect with other people on the same journey . Looking forward to following along for the ride.
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Staying Accountable to the Group - Topics to cover next
Wanted to quickly share some thoughts on personal productivity and accountability partners. After my last podcast on July 1st, I haven't been as productive as I've been since this project started. This is a clear indication of how valuable it can be to post and stay accountable to the group (at least for me). So until the podcast resumes in September, I am keeping this thread going on all the things I'm doing over the next 2 months ish. There have been a few more posts about accountability partners which is great. I hope some people can link up and support each other. For those who don't find someone for whatever reason, consider just being accountable to the group. Start a thread like this and just post what you're doing every week. We will keep you accountable and support you. So here's my plan for content to learn and publish over the next several weeks. I will update this post every week: Candlestick Patterns Bollinger Bands Ichimoku Clouds Fibonacci Retracement Tool Gann Theory Moving Averages MACD RSI These are the TA topics I plan to cover over the next few weeks.
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