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Set Standards, Not Goals
It’s that time of the year again where everyone is setting their New Year’s resolutions. And honestly, for 99% of you reading this… It’s a waste of time. Most of you will never achieve the goals you set out. Not because you’re stupid or lazy. But you just don’t know the optimal way your brain prefers to achieve goals. Set standards, not goals. Everyone has goals... Everyone wants to be rich... Everyone wants to date the woman of their dreams... Everyone wants to be somebody... Yet, everyone around you is in a constant state of failure. Look around and ask yourself: How many people are truly reaching their goals? The answer is virtually none. And it's because of this precise reason: You won’t rise to the level of your ambitions, you will fall to the level of your standards. If you’re willing to settle for less, you will get less. You will fall as far as your standards let you - regardless of what your 'goals' are. Make it unreasonable for you to fail. It’s cool that you set goals. But you must also set standards to go along with your goals. It’s easy to say that you want to get in shape this year. But you won’t achieve that if you don’t exercise consistently or watch your diet. The framework I like to use when setting standards is to ask myself: “How can I make it unreasonable for me to fail?” For getting into shape, this could look like: - Going to the gym **at least** 3 times a week - Diet consisting 90% of natural foods - Walking at least 30 minutes a day Wouldn’t you agree that it’d be unreasonable for you to be out of shape if you did that consistently? In the context of making money trading, it could look like: - 1 paper trade + journalling that paper trade every day - 15 minutes of backtesting per day - 15 minutes of learning about trading per day Long-term time horizons Just setting standards obviously won’t get you to your end goal right away. But, it’ll ensure you stay on the right track. It’ll help you move closer to your goals every day. After you set your standards for whatever goal it is you want to achieve… You just gotta put your head down and do the work. However long it takes you achieve your goal… Wouldn’t you agree that as long as you put your head down and maintained your standards… It’d be unreasonable for you to not achieve your goal?
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How To Determine Market Tops/Bottoms
There are a few factors that I weigh heavily to indicate cycle tops or bottoms. 1. QE or QT Basically whether the Fed is in risk-on or risk-off mode. Money printing mode or money saving mode. If you think about it in terms of your personal finances... When you are short on cashflow, what do you do? • You start saving money • And spend less • You might even sell some of your assets when you need the cash The Federal Reserve / all central banks in the world operate with the same modus operandi. When times are tough... they sell assets to create cashflow and increase interest rates so that everyone struggles to get enough cash to buy assets. All market cycles can be traced back to QE QT cycles by the fed. $BTC and crypto is no exception. Read Lords of Easy Money before the next bull run and it will guarantee you make easy money during it. 2. Bitcoin Halving Cycles For those who don't know. The Bitcoin halving is an event where the reward miners get for mining a block (excluding transaction fees) gets halved. In 2008 it was 50 BTC per block. 2012: 25 BTC 2016: 12.5 BTC 2020: 6.25 BTC 2024: 3.125 BTC It's a similar dynamic to QE QT cycles whereby it's just simple supply and demand. Low supply makes it easier for demand to move the prices. Look for the bottom for BTC to form 2-3 months before every halving event (historically speaking). 3. Interest rate cuts. This ties back into QE QT. QE = low interest rates = easy supply of money for everyone. QT = high interest rates = very expensive to borrow money for everyone so most people don't borrow money to buy assets. Interest rates for the past 20 years ish have pretty much been close to 0%. So it was freeflow money galore for anyone and everyone. If you were a bull you'd think you were a genius for buying/going long on assets. But now interest rates are at 20-year highs. As long as it remains high and the fed does not start cutting it... No reason to be a buyer now. Patience is key here. Look for the bottom to come a few months after the first rate cut.
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Start Here
Welcome to Trading Accelerator - the free trading group you wish you had when you first started crypto. I made this course in the hopes that none of you will go through the things I went through just to become profitable. What did I go through exactly? It took me about 2 years, 5 blown accounts and about $100k down the drain before I ever became profitable. But when I look back at it… I realise it wasn’t really my fault. Just like you… I tried hard. I invested into trading courses. Watched YouTube videos to learn trading. And even put in tens of hours of practice. But for some reason it never clicked. I kept losing money. Maybe you feel the same. And I can tell you: It isn’t your fault. It’s the complete lack of quality guidance in the space. And before you start correcting me… I know that there is indeed quality guidance out there. The only catch is that you need to pay $10k to get access to that. But you are a beginner. Where the heck would you even get $10k to invest into some trading course? That’s where Trading Accelerator comes in. I made this course for the me 3 years ago. The me who wanted to achieve financial, location and time freedom through trading… but could never figure it out. I’ve lost over $500k of my own money over the years to learn the lessons I’m about to share with you for free. So don’t take it for granted. If you’re ready to get started, let me know in the comments down below. And after you do that, click this link to start your first lesson.
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hunting for a training video
there was a training video( not part of the course really) from one of the admins, that talked about liquidity sweeps directly after a large market drop where the video kind of identified price action swinging inside the larger market drop for a period of time before the resumtion of the direction. I'm hoping someone may remember it and share it. I though I saved it. He had his own discord channel if I remember correctly, and I though I joined it but apparently I was wrong there as well
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[29 Jan - 2 Feb 2024] Finish It Friday
What are the things that we accomplished this week? Journal them before we power down for the weekends.
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[29 Jan - 2 Feb 2024] Finish It Friday
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