"Facebook ads don’t work in 2023"
I’m hearing this constantly, especially from new ecommerce founders.
But after creating ads for 600+ brands,
And being able to look inside facebook ad accounts…
Here’s the truth.
Facebook Ads don’t work in 2022 - IF you’re doing it the old way.
It’s true, since iOS, it is getting harder to scale.
Costs have increased.
It's harder to track.
Ads die faster.
I’m not going to sugar coat it and say that it’s “easy”
It’s hard.
But it’s very very doable.
(and to be honest, it’s the only option to actually scale)
Here’s how we’re winning with facebook ads in 2022:
#1 Stop “Media Buying” Hacks
Most marketing agencies make their money off this. And it doesn’t work. Every month there’s some new tactic and strategy to try and “outsmart the facebook algorithm”. Audience-testing/ Different bid optimisations. It’s BS. Sure, it can get you quick wins, but long-term your campaigns will die and your results will be inconsistent.
Instead, you want to let the algorithm do its thing. Spend more on a single broad audience and let it rip. Our media buyer literally uses open targeting (no targeting at all) and lets the algorithm do its thing. Yes, it does take a few days to warm up, but when it does you can eventually scale and get super consistent results.
But this won’t work unless you have solid creative, and more specifically:
#2 Short, Punchy UGC Video Ads
With reels, TikTok & shorts being hot right now,
Attention spans are shorter,
Which means your video ads need to be shorter too.
They need to be snappy, with quick cuts, and sell your product quickly & effectively.
This means higher % watch time, lower costs, cheaper purchases and ultimately more room for scale.
As a rule, ideally the product & main value prop is in the first 5 seconds.
Plus ideally, the actual video goes for 15-30 seconds.
So by:
#1 Letting the FB Algorithm do it’s thing &
#2 Creating short, snappy UGC videos
You’ll give your store the best chance at winning on Facebook in 2022.
(We’ve worked with 600+ brands, so we know that this is working right now)
Try testing this & see results for yourself
Hope this helps!
PS. If you're wanting to learn more about how you can grow your brand on TikTok & Facebook, I've created step-by-step programs found under the 'Classroom' tab in this community. Subscribe here to gain access - https://buy.stripe.com/fZe7sPcAzcvC5203ce
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