TikTok has made a home for itself in the digital marketing world, we all know it's the number one tool to grow your business in 2023…But how can you leave that memorable first impression, without sacrificing your authentic brand message?
With over-saturation and constant change on the app, it’s important to not get sucked into trending videos and audio as a haven. So, here are my hot takes on how to show up and stand out in 2023, and not regret it in 2024.
1. The art of subtlety - There is nothing worse when can see someone forcing a video on you or a product for that matter. We have all become attuned to the smallest speckle of a sale and therefore we need to become conscious of how we may over-act and over-sell to be seen. Take a deep breath, relax, and remember that being yourself is the best way to show up!
2. How do you want to be remembered? - This might sound a little deep, but really, you deserve to leave a mark on the world. The same reason you started your business, is the same reason that you should be seen. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with choice, so coming back to your WHY will help you focus your video content to not just align with the app, but so the app is aligned with you.
3. It’s okay to be a little vulnerable - Being intimate with your audience on the internet is a fairly new practice, but boy does it make a difference. People are becoming more and more comfortable with sharing parts of their stories and journey that they wouldn’t have dared to five years ago. By remembering that we are all human at the end of the day, and connection is the number one way to build trust, you can start building content that comes from the heart. You can practice by writing, making draft videos to get comfortable or by starting a conversation that opens the door to this topic within your company.
4. And for the corniest of them all - Be Yourself. I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it again… just be yourself. Doesn’t that feel good? You can feel your shoulders drop, the pressure subsides, and the expectation vanishes. You know yourself best and trust that what you have to put out there will be found by the right people! You are the niche that the world needs! I know we’ve heard it before, but that’s why it works. So next time you’re stressing about how to show up, take a break and go do something that feels completely YOU before filming or coming up with ideas. Once your return I assure you, it will feel easier and you’ll be in a better state to create!
If you ever need a reminder that you already have all you need to stand out on TikTok genuinely, refer back to these tips!
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