What I Learned From The New Sales Model: Selling to an Unsellable Generation (Book)

I've had the best time learning this way of sales compared to everything else I've tried to learn where it's this weird game of 'close or be closed'

The new sales model method uses what they call NEPQ - Neuro Emotional Persuasive Questioning so that if their is a sale to be made it is the client that handles their own objections, eliminates sales pressure and the close or be closed mentality of sales.

Helpful guidelines

• Don't assume you can help them

• Eliminate sales resistance.

You handling objections is less effective then the client handling their own objections

• Ask impactful questions:

Do you know what you are looking for?

What do you feel is holding you back from achieving (goal)?

Why is (that goal) important?

What if you don't accomplish (goal)?

What if you did nothing?

• 5% of the call should be about the solution

• Learn their situation

• Try to bring up objections before the end of the call. Bringing it up at the end adds much more pressure for everyone

• If you feel uncomfortable then so do they

• Don't tell them the answers on the discovery call. They don't believe you and/or they wouldn't know how to be effective with the information anyway.

Instead ask them if they think your solution would be helpful. And why or why not?

Hope you found something helpful in this post! I know I enjoyed this process much more than any other sales process.

Let me know if this helps you 😃


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