Having Expertise On Your Service Is Less Important To Your Client Than Knowing Their Problems?

You are doubtless an expert on your product or service But somebody who is an expert of the marketplace they serve is going to have 1000 times more credibility.

So quickly work out what your ideal market place is, what are the major issues that affect it, and the essential things you need to know above and beyond your own product/service.

When relating your service to your market don’t just be tempted to just give them your sales pitch.

They on the whole don’t care about you or your service !!

Almost without exception it is better to showcase your ability to solve their problems not try to sell your service or product.

One really great method of selling a product to a warmed prospect is to create a story that details the negatives of not using your service and build on that "fear factor".

Make sure firstly you do it with integrity and secondly, you actually have a genuine solution to the problem they highlight to you.

By alleviating the clients concerns to

their fears they feel the relief of having someone solve their problems for them.

If they are already problem aware and you have the solution then you are providing a needed service or product to your client. They will appreciate your service provides them relief

and actually welcome your contact.

The questions you ask your client to determine what concerns they have and will give you an insight into how to frame your offer and services initially.

Most clients are less interested in the how you deliver the service and more interested in the result they can experience from it.

When you establish what would be a significant concern to your prospective clients and solve that your worry you will find people actively seeking your solution.

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