The Conscious Creator Pathway

Welcome to The Pathway ⚡️

On this journey, there are 8 essential steps to achieving...

SWEET Freedom: spiritual, wealth, emotional, energetic, and time freedom ✨ 😊 💸 ⏰

Step 1: Unlearn the old way

Step 2: Relearn the new way

Step 3: Make your first post

Step 4: Create a content ecosystem

Step 5: Build your community

Step 6: Receive your first paying client

Step 7: Earn your first $10K month

Step 8: SWEET Freedom

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A note about the 8 steps:

It is completely possible to achieve this level of freedom where you can work from anywhere, make your own schedule, travel the world, give back to the ones you love but there will be ups and downs along the way. Please don't think this is a straight line without any bumps in-between.

Life and business are full of peaks and valleys, and we're here to support you through both of them.


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