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Hi there!
⭐️ My name is Ema (pronounced like Emma😉) 🌎 From Toronto Canada 🇨🇦 🚀 I am an aspiring entrepreneur 🫶🏼 ✨ I joined this group to be part of a community with like minded individuals, and I’m so excited to grow !
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omg hi Ema!!! I live in toronto too!!!! we should connect 😍
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@Eliana Petralito omg hi!!!
How I'd Make $1,000 in The Next 14 Days (From $0)
Step 1) Poll your audience Whether it's just friends and family or you already have a community, there's people in your Instagram audience who need something that you have to offer. Ask them. Send 15-30 DMs to friends, family, people who always DM you, etc... See what they're looking for This is how you pick a profitable product p.s. - if you do this every day, you will 10x your results Step 2) Set up a Stan Store on a 14-Day Free Trial (Linked Here) ... and "pre-sell" the product they asked for. Could look like: digital download (planner, guide, journal, etc.), 1:1 coaching, social media audits and start selling it before you build it. Offer exclusive pricing because they're buying it on pre-sale Step 3) Once you sell your first one, make it. And deliver it (send it to them via DM or email, nothing fancy) Then go and sell 10 more, the same way you sold the first one. At this point in time you have two options 1) Get Started. You have all the information you need to make $1,000 from $0. 2) Get Support. I created a $27 course that teaches you step by step what to do for 14 days. You can check that out here. 65+ people bought the course already, and they're loving it (See screenshots attached) Either way, you have the information. You don't need to buy the course, it's just a bonus. All you have to do is take action. And keep taking action until it works ;) Questions? Comment them below!
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How I'd Make $1,000 in The Next 14 Days (From $0)
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this is so good Giulia and inspired me so much to do a LOT of this next week leading up to my vacation!!! I was thinking of making polls on my stories about what type of content they like most from me/what they need help with and then send DMs to people asking what would be most useful to them right now? Do you have any other suggestions in terms of language I should use/any specific questions?
New Free Resource: Coming Soon 👀
I'm creating a new free resource based on a lot of questions coming up in my DMs The resource is going to be how to create social media content that converts followers into clients What questions do you have about this? Comment below and you'll be the first to receive it. I'll send it to you personally when it's done
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Omg this is amazing Giulia and will be so helpful!! A question I have is what to make sure you include in your language, CTA, or the post in general to inspire action in the reader. Because I have a lot of followers who regularly watch my stories, like my posts, etc but I want to inspire them to take the next step. Once I launch my 1:1 coaching of course which will be by the end of this month, ideally mid-month.
📲 Content Creation Tip:
Try something new. For a while I had a vision of creating highly engaging short-form content. I was having a conversation with my brother (he's a video editor) and we tried some things out. Things went so well that I decided to hire him. Here's our first video that we put out: Can you let me know if you like this new style? When we try something new we love to hear feedback!
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Omg I love the new style so much!!!
Declaring your spiritual sign 🦋
A few years ago I asked God to show me a butterfly when I met my soulmate. It took 6 months, but I finally received it and it was spot on. Whenever I see a butterfly, I take it as confirmation. What is your spiritual sign?
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My spiritual sign is the number 13!
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@Giulia Guerrieri actually saw it today when I opened an email!!😂
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