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You may be wondering "Why"
So it brings me to this experience I had the other day.
The other day my partner Marcos asked me a hard question...
"Why aren't you making your new membership free?
At first all the ego stuff came up...
You know the limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, and thoughts like "Yeah, what am I doing? I should just make it all free..."
After that settled, I found the real answer.
1️⃣ People who pay, pay attention.
How many times do you opt-in for something and just let it sit in your inbox?
🙋🏻‍♀️ I'm right there with ya, even if I just pay $5 for a coffee, I'm not letting it go to waste
2️⃣ I don't run my business alone, I have a team.
Because of your investment into my business, I'm able to support more clients and spread my mission wider and deeper with my powerhouse team of 4.
My team, softwares, and other expenses cost me about $10,000/month.
Here's what your investment helps me support my team with:
🇵🇹 Hailey, who is currently working on moving abroad to Portugal to live as a digital nomad
☀️ Sean, who is currently working on making a move from New York > Miami into his dream apartment
❤️ Jessah, who just left her full time job to work in our business pursuing her dream job as a head coach of The Conscious Creator Academy (our main program)
🌺 Taya, who just moved to Hawaii after graduating high school because she had the opportunity to work with us remotely full time
My mission is bigger than myself.
Whether it's my team or my clients, I want to help people build their dream life of freedom by starting, growing, and monetizing their personal brand.
If that's you...
Hope to see you inside!
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Giulia Guerrieri
🚨 ATTN: This group is closing down!
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