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The Financial Advisor Coaching Course & Training you've been looking for.
Learn & implement proven concepts, strategies, and tactics to successfully build, grow, and market your business.
Conneqtor is a combination of on-demand online learning, tactical how-to’s, plug-n-play templates, and community for financial advisors. Learn how to effectively build and exponentially grow your successful advisory practice while realizing an amazing life-work balance. Building an advisory practice never felt so good.
Conneqtor empowers financial advisors like you to:
● Exponentially make more money while effectively managing risk
● Work with bigger and more ideal clients
● Work from anywhere while expanding your reach
● Leverage your time & money to increase effectiveness
● Live the life of your dreams while helping your clients do the same
● Achieve an awesome life/work balance
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Private group
Conneqtor helps financial advisors craft an efficient, profitable, and lifestyle-oriented practice... in community.
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