Membership challenge winners 🎉

The membership challenge ended last night at 11:59pm. Congratulations to the winners!

📈 Most MRR winners:

1st — Avocado HealthPro Community ($24,399 MRR)

2nd — Adonis Gang ($18,695 MRR)

3rd — Creator Accelerator ($13,832 MRR)

📈 Most paid members winners:

1st — Adonis Gang (3,736 paid members)

2nd — 1% Ecom Club (798 paid members)

3rd — Zero To HERO (558 paid members)

1st prize gets — Macbook pro, screen, lifetime free skool

2nd prize gets— Macbook pro, 1-year free skool

3rd prize gets — 1-year free skool

📈 Hundreds of people got more than 10 paid members to join their group. All of you get 3-months free skool + skool merch. Nice work!

1st, 2nd, 3rd prize winners — check your DM's today! We'll be in touch to give you your prizes.

For those of you who got 10+ paid members — we'll email you in the next 2-3 days to hook you up.

This was fun! Crazy to see people hitting $24,399 MRR ($293k /year income) in just 28-days.

Let's congratulate these winners!


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