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Calling all coders and AI enthusiasts! Our focus in this group is to improve our coding skills with the help of AI. Join the Coding AI community, for anyone passionate about building the future with AI technology. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting your coding journey, we welcome all skill levels.
We explore the exciting intersection of coding and Artificial Intelligence through workshops, video courses from industry experts, and hackathons. Get help with your coding projects, share ideas for AI applications, and collaborate with like-minded individuals.
Join our online group discussions or attend in-person meetups (depending on location) to learn, network, and unleash your coding potential in the exciting world of Coding and AI!
Free Video Courses:
  • HTML and CSS (v2024)
  • JavaScript (v2024)
  • Bootstrap (v2024)
  • PHP and MySQL (v2024)
  • React (v2024)
  • Python (v2024)
  • Java (v2024)
  • C++ (v2024)
  • Devin AI (v2024)
  • and more coming soon!
Note: This group contains AI generated images.
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Private group
Welcome to the Coding AI Group. Learn how to code with AI or level up your coding skills with AI.
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