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What’s Your Experience? {Share Below}
What was one of the toughest lessons you learned when it came to being in a relationship with a woman? Your situation can help someone else! Share below 👇🏽
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{START HERE} Welcome to the Calm Lion's Path
🦁Welcome to the Calm Lion’s Path🦁- This is the community I wanted to have when I went through my lowest times in a relationship with a woman. Now I am the leader of my relationship with a woman who respects me as her man. Now it's your turn. Each one helps one. Share your stories, wins, questions, and thoughts, and help another brother remember he is NOT ALONE (including you). 1️⃣ FIRST ACTION STEPS in the Calm Lion's Path: (DO THIS RIGHT NOW ✅) Introduce yourself below: - Relationship Status - Why you are here - What you are looking forward to in The Calm Lion Path. 2️⃣ Check out the 👉🏽 #Quickly Getting Started in Classroom to get an idea of how to navigate around here. ❗️STRICT RULES: 🔘Do not use this group as a personal sales platform. 🔘 Proof Read and Post Quality Posts - (Click Here for Examples 👉🏽 #4 Examples of Quality Posts ) 🔘 Click the 3 Dots on low-quality posts and “Report it to Admins.” Treat this space as your home. Keep it clean. Need Help? - Reach out to @J Malakhi ! He is the Moderator for Our Community. “Always be mindful of the Calmest Man in the Room”
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{START HERE} Welcome to the Calm Lion's Path
Stop making her your #1
One of the biggest mistakes I found a man will make is placing a woman ahead of God and His Mission in life. Despite what social media and new social norms will tell you, you as a man need to remember that she can never come before your mission in this life. She may love you for that moment, but she will resent you as a man later on. Choose: Actively pursue your mission and then come back home and love your woman properly. or Actively make your world revolve around her and lose yourself and the relationship afterward. Share your thoughts below👇🏽
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Make time for gratitude.
Good afternoon Gentlemen. Gratitude is a powerful tool to feel more positive emotions, improve your health, deal with adversity and build strong relationships. Even in the storm there is always something to be grateful for. Write down 3 things you are grateful for in the present 1 thing you want to manifest. Use present tense language as if you already possess or have that which are asking for. By being thankful for it in the present allows you to feel gratitude for what is already yours as if it was already in your possession. I'll go first.. 1. my health, that I get to do pushups, work out and push myself 2. for the right protocol of diet and supplements to help my daughter cure her mast cell condition 3. sunshine and warmer weather 4. working with performance golf and teaching/educating golfers about the parallels between the golf swing and tai chi movements and how it can help their game
My girlfriend is preparing for her exams... I said her study well... She liked the message and said good night... I felt that it was rude... I mean it deserves atleast a thanks or something wholesome??? Or is there any other way to manage my emotion regard this..
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