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WEEKLY GROUP CALL is happening in 5 days
People are MAKIN $$
Just paid $50 for someone completing the money glitch, membership already paid for and it doesn’t stop at $50, you can make a LIMITLESS AMOUNT if you put some effort in, check out the money course if you haven’t yet and DM me with any questions
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What's good yall me and my good friend Cody just made a mini course in the classroom section that will help you make an easy $100 TONIGHT! Go to the classroom section and watch the Money Glitch video and follow the instructions in there!
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Welcome to the Mega McQueen community! [Read this first]
Welcome to the Mega McQueen community! This is a community all centered around becoming the best version of yourself with Money, Fitness & building unbreakable confidence within all of us, and using that to approach any girl, get their numbers, take them on dates & BUSSDOWN! Make posts in the community, watch my video training, turn up to group calls and engage with others. Rewards will follow! If you are not sure where to start, click on this link to the 'Welcome' section And be sure to make a post introducing yourself into the community! Tell us who you are, where you're from, why you're here and what you intend to get out of your experience here!
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Money glitch help
Hi guys I’m from the uk but I want get on the money giltch. Is there anyone from America who can help me I’ll even send them the money, thanks.
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