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Hey all, My name is Guy. My nick name is Nice Guy (started by online friends), so Guy is actually shorter. I'm a SBO focused consulting (cybersecurity, software engineering, IT). I also started YT channel focused on helping people with hearing loss and tinnitus deal with their symptoms and be successful and productive professionally and socially. I live in Colorado. Happy to virtually meet all of you! Guy.
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- What is your nickname? Mitchy - Where are you from? New Zealand - What business/project are you currently focused on? Selling on Shopify - What do you need immediate help with inside of this community? Marketing
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Introducing: RHINO
Hi all, Reinier here. My name is challenging to pronounce in some parts of the world and for some reason one time someone turned it into RHINO so that’s been one of my nicknames ever since. I’m originally from the Netherlands, but live in Italy at the moment. My business is focused on training and coaching leaders with a passion to make a positive impact on the world through whatever expertise they have. Some of my mentees have been asking me to put some things in a course so I that’s how I ended up here to see if I can create courses here. I’d love some help figuring out IF this is the right platform and WHY and then HOW it works. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it!
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Hi, I'm Chantelle 👋
What's your nickname? Tellie (as in the first part of Teletubbies, but no relation 🤣) Where are you from? I'm from South Africa but live in New Zealand. What project are you currently focused on? Making Financial Education Fun & Available to Everyone! Biggest strength? Financial Analysis & Building Systems Biggest weakness? Paralysis-by-Analysis What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? Getting people active in this community, posting, helping & supporting each other.
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Marley Balton
What's your nickname? Marls Where are you from? Sydney, aus What business or project are you currently focused on? Yoga for Seniors Biggest strength? Wisdom that came with age Biggest weakness? Keeping up with Technology What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? Planning for retirement
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