Life coach in love with serving people to reach their full potential. I feel grateful for this opportunity 😊
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I help service-based services scale their business and live a more meaningful life.
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Real Estate Advisor and Architect
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Ciudad de México
On a mission to make outreach easy. Building
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Plasterer/Renderer Gym, life and health
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Project manager
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Mikrobleidings - Liepāja, Valmiera, Rīga
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Fitnesa Pilates - Vesela Mugura
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Helping Businesses Develop Their Projects With Realistic 3D Rendering. Specialist in 3D architecture and interior design
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Real Estate Investments & Development - Starlex.Investments | Innovative Digital Solutions for HealthCare -
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Everything to do with smoked meat!
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Conversion Rate Optimization Expert
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If you break it , you fix it
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SaaS entrepreneur
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I am looking to change my career and live my life on my own terms
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Remodeling Company Based in Philly.
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Pārdodam manikīra saloniem un meistariem aprīkojumu ( manikīra galdus un nagu putekļu nosūcējus) kā arī aksesuārus.
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Celtniecība, volejbols, IT
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I craft intuitive websites for Saas & Real Estate marketing teams, that drive more qualified leads.
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Owner of a Lead Gen agency
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To be prosperous requires consistency and determination and i'm willing to give my diligence to achieve both
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I’m an interior designer and have been working for myself for many years and I’m interested in growing my business
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Es palīdzu uņēmumiem kļūt veiksmīgiem.
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I’m a contractor. I love to do challenging projects.
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18, Riga
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Looking to build and grow something good - as a business, as a person!
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