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Do you have a vision of buying land and building your own home some day?
If so, this is the place for you.
We walk you through the confusion of financing, budgeting, planning, and what your role will be as the general contractor of your build.
We’ve created this community that is FREE to join for a limited time!
Once you’re in, you’ll get instant access to:
  • The classroom, our free Builder Launch course preview + valuable course material that will be paid content in the future
  • Our community where you can ask questions, start discussions with other future owner-builders, and climb your way up the leaderboard
  • Value Calls (Tuesdays at 1:00PM EST) with Mitch to hang out, discuss any roadblocks or hurdles you’re facing, and chat anything owner-builder related
So, if you’re ready to join our growing group of future owner-builders, start learning what you need to do, and jump start your own process…
  1. Click “Join Here”
  2. Answer the membership questions
  3. Start learning!
Let’s get building something awesome
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Helping first time home builders, owner-builders, and those looking to buy land and hire a custom builder to make their vision a reality.
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