Veterans and Law enforcement

I had the honor of guiding a veteran and former police officer in a journey today. His situation was so dire that his counselor came and sat in the other room in case he needed additional support. I wrote a journey based on a phrase I heard from the book "The Body Keeps the Score". Th title of my journey was That Was Then and This is Now. I am so happy to report that his heart was moved throughout the journey with tears and when we screamed together, I felt such deep pain release. He has signed up for a series of five journeys for those with severe PTSD. When his counselor saw him she said that he looked more calm than she had seen him in six years. So many courageous soldiers and police officers have lost the ability to deeply enjoy life and relax their vigilence. This is such an important demographic to reach out to. Many, like this man, are at the end of their rope. He wept long and hard today to just get some of his pain released. I look forward to meeting with him again. If you are stuck on journey themes, think about things you are learning from books you are reading and don't forget the magic of creating a series of journeys for particular demographics. We all know that this isn't a once and done kind of healing path. Providing support thematically could be a great benefit to your clients!


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