The Path of Self Love ❤️
A story with sharing made possible by a life changing modality we all know as breathwork 🙌🏻
I am an incredible human being ❤️
The biggest accomplishment of the last few years of my life has been coming to actually believe it. Before that, I struggled to receive kind words and compliments about how people saw me and the work that I did. Whenever given a compliment, I would immediately deflect it back to the giver and tell them how amazing "they" were.
I didn't realize the extent of my challenge until one day, a few friends sitting in a circle shared their reflections of me as a human being at the same time. I had never been showered in so much positive feedback before. All I could do was recoil. Receiving it was a massive challenge.I don't even know where it comes from.
My parents and extended family showered me with love and acknowledgement throughout my childhood. But there's an imprint in there somewhere that didn't fully believe how incredible I am as a human and how worthy I am of adoration and love.
Recognizing this pattern after all these years presented an incredible opportunity to work on it consciously. I'm sharing this story because I've worked with so many people who are running on this same old distorted and outdated narrative.
Now, when I receive a compliment or praise, I use it as an opportunity to really soak it up and deeply receive it at a cellular level.I can honestly say that breaking this pattern has opened up the world to me in ways I could never have imagined. Abundance, prosperity, life purpose, adventure, and opportunities began pouring in from every direction.
Now, I'm proud to say that the love I have for myself is in direct alignment with the love I'm so blessed to receive from so many ❤️
From personal experience, I firmly believe that loving ourselves fully is the key to unlocking all the richness that God and life have to offer.
So yes, I AM INCREDIBLE & I AM WORTHY - and I'll spend the rest of my days helping as many people as I can to remember that they are too. Believe it. ❤️
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