The Breath and Diabetes 4 (final) What about journeys?

Hi Guys, this is the last installment of information gleaned from a recent class taken. This is bringing everything learned into practical application. I have two big take aways

  1. Slow breathing is the Jam!!! The health benefits both mental and physical are amazing and we would all have better health outcomes from adopting this into our daily practice. The yogi's were right!
  2. Proceed with caution and use modifications for your clients with Diabetes. We have seen that vigorous superventilation can be tricky for diabetics. Rapid drops in blood sugar can put people into hypo-glycemia if their blood sugar is not very well regulated. The sympathetic nervous system jolt, may add oxidative stress if the superventilation is too extended. Their ability to use their own nitric oxide to dilate blood vessels is impaired so nasal breathing is good but not nearly as helpful for those without. So how to modify journeys for diabetics. Limit the amount of time spent in superventilation. Perhaps doing a song or two of open mouth breathing followed by a song or two of nasal breathing and then back again would be a place to start. Encourage people to self regulate by slowing down their breath and breathing nasally intermittently during a journey and use more frequent 30-45 second breath holds. I would suggest no long breath holds over a minute as well. Let them know that they will still have a transformative experience but that this will be safer and it will respect the very unique way the body of someone with diabetes functions. Stay tuned for the Breath and Brain Health.............coming soon

You stand on the brink of your own personal revolution. Make use of the tools, the techniques and the transformation available right here and now.

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