Perfect Modality for Processing Trauma

I've gone and listened to "The Body Keeps the Score" again now as I am doing the coaching training

I have read this book years ago, but have not been able to afford EMDR or any of the other modalities referenced in this work. After doing a few TBJ's, I am ever more convinced that the multiple sclerosis I have been battling for the past 12 years is tied to unresolved childhood trauma. I've worked with a fellow hypnotherapist, self-hypnosis, talked with counsellors and psychologists...but the cognitive element leads my conscious mind to throw up all manner of defense, lying to myself, saying that I have "dealt with it"๐Ÿ™„. This leads me to seek solutions for all the accessory "causes" (parasite infestation/Lyme/etc) and I tell myself stories to assuage my monkey mind (I think I'm a fairly intelligent person, and I tell exceedingly persuasive/compelling stories).

After a TBJ, my ability to walk smoothly without a cane is improved greatly and persists for a longer time than my previous TBJ.



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