Newbee on the block

Hi everyone; excited to be here. My membership was pending yesterday so I couldn't post. I did stumble on the journeys and went on one. WOW 馃樀. Very deep, wonderful, weird, and moving.

My name is ilya, I'm originally from Holland, but I moved to the Gambia (west Africa) in august 2021 with my 6-year-old son. I had loads of reasons and had already wanted to move for a long time. In 2021, many doors opened AND the c@v!d crazy in Europe made me want to run from the (to me) scary net closing in on people. And even though I struggle here most days, I'm happy every day I took the plunge 馃檹馃挭

My passions are Islam, the environment, and healthy living, which I firmly believe you can only do when living in sync with creation. 馃挌馃挌馃挌

I try to be aware of what comes on my path and why. I believe we take our breaths for granted and that I can take the next leap in my development by going on this journey.

I am very energetic, enthusiastic, and determined. Love and truthfulness are my core values.

I hope to connect with all of you and share experiences.


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