In Person vs Remote
I'm definitely old school when it comes to a lot of interactions with other humans. I am new to using things like zoom (when I moved I did not want to lose some of my doctors, coaches, etc so I had to get with the times). I was always a face to face kind of person. Plus Covid made me have to learn to get on camera and get out of my comfort zone. Honestly, before covid, I did not even shop online. Haha. I had never used Amazon or things like DoorDash.
I know human interaction is healthy, in person. I do worry that if I start getting remote clients that I will become more secluded because I'm already an introvert so staying home is comfy for me and it is a very easy routine for me to get into. I know a lot of coaches use remote options as part of their business and I want to have options for clients. How do we balance? What are the pros and cons? I would love to hear others thoughts to see if they are in line with mine or ones that will make me see new perspectives.
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