If You Are Making Breathwork Part of Your Practice

I had a really good win today. I went into the doctor's office for my yearly physical, which came back smashingly well. My heart rate is down 20 points and blood pressure was beyond perfect. My heart rate and blood pressure were never bad but now they are just really, really good. The doctor asked me what I am doing, aside from the normal vitamins and stuff that I take because with any change, something had to have changed in my routine. I told him that I incorporated breathwork into my routine for stress and anxiety and he mentioned that he has a lot of patients who deal with stress and was open to suggest me when I am up and running and ready to offer breathwork to the general public.

I have always been huge on Integrative Medicine. It is always a huge win when medical doctors in the West are able to see the benefits of what natural methods will do. I never make any major health change in my lifestyle without talking to my doctor first and I chose him as a doctor because he is big on fitness and wellness and he is very open minded. He will never knock something until he asks questions and learns about it. He thinks that breathwork is a top choice and he actually recommends it to many of his patients that are smokers. He said, take away the cigarette, but still use the same inhale, hold, and exhale, and you are still getting the heightened feeling, but without the lung damage!

I have had some great support from my local community so far and I am really grateful. There was some concern, as I do not live in a huge city but I am finding people from many different walks of life in my community are asking a lot of questions and seem genuinely interested. So many people have stress in their lives, it's unreal and so many are ready to defeat it. What a great time it is to be getting into this career path.


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