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Frequency of Breathwork Journeys (how often is too often) and ....sex
I cannot get enough of this community and just want to post every day and communicate with all of you, all the time. :-) So I'll just continue to post my daydreams and questions here.
I have heard Brian mention several times in several different places . . .a recommendation to do a journey once a week or once a month. But there's no mention of doing them TOO much. Is there a too much in your experience? I keep wanting to do them multiple times a week and just curious to hear your experiences. Ultimately I'll know when it's a yes and when it's a no, for myself. But currently I feel so addicted and want to do nothing but breathwork journeys all week long. :-D And part of me wonders if I'm overloading myself so I am curious to start a conversation on it with you all.
Also . . watcha know about twitching? I've started to experience involuntary and somewhat uncontrollable twitching (mostly in my hips and legs) when I do journeys but also when I do meditations now. Essentially anything I have an intention of using for healing. I also experience this same twitching after orgasm which now I'm curious about because during the journey it feels like trauma release. Maybe it is after orgasm as well?
A bit taboo perhaps but a journey feels pretty similar to epic and sacred sex to me. If anyone else wants to chime in on that, I'd love to hear that I'm not alone on this experience. I just assumed everyone else would feel that breathwork is as powerful as sex as well, but so far all the sharing I've done of breathwork with my friends and community - - while it is powerful, no one agrees that it's anything like sex. But to me that level of oneness reached in both is quite similar in essence. Anyone?
Part of me doesn't want to post this as I'm new here and learning what is a welcome topic of conversation. :-D
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