First Session!!

OKAYYYYY WOWWWW. Have to share. I helped facilitate my first breathwork session last week and it was special to me because it was at the women’s circle I host monthly. My best friend led who just recently got her certification through this program in the last cohort and when I tell you it was the most beautiful & powerful thing I’ve ever experienced I mean it 🥲🙏🏼 I’ve obviously done quite a few journeys myself as the “student” but to help facilitate was a whole new vibe. The energy was palpable.✨ That being said, she led and I just walked the room making sure everyone was breathing correctly and when I tell you I was full on sobbing with these women… 😭😭😭 I left being like okay so is this gonna happen every time I lead since I’m such an empath and literally couldn’t stop crying. I’m hoping when I lead I’m able to stand in my power better and set my emotions to the side because yikessss lol. Does anyone else have experience with being an empath and a facilitator!?


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