Entities and Opening Energetic Fields in breathwork

I did 12 breathwork journeys in 5.5 weeks and then stopped doing them for a few months because. . I began to suspect it was opening up too many energetic fields and ancestral ties and entities I didn't want to welcome into my field. I recently talked with someone who did a breathwork training similar to what Brian offers and she said that she was trained to watch for these types of things and hold space for them in group sessions. That if there was a group session there'd always be atleast 1 other facilitator but ideally another 2 or 3 holding the space for the spirit realms to maintain boundaries, etc.

I don't know how else to describe this in the moment. . . but anyone else had concerns about this? Or experiences with it? Or ways to prevent it? . . .and how to discern non-benevolent spirits coming through versus just digging up sh*t that needs to be released.


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