Eating Light

I have found that eating light foods have helped with breathwork for me. I'm not sure what others experiences are, but I am curious if you don't mind sharing. I'll eat like a grilled chicken salad or eat some salmon with veggies, fruit bowls, etc. I primarily eat organic out of my garden or see what's on sale at the store. I have made deals with local grocers. I'll see what is super ripe that should be eaten that day or the next day at the max and ask for their best price. More times than not, they give me a price that is lower than what I was going to suggest so I always ask them first and if it's still too high I'll make a suggestion (tips to save on healthy ingredients haha.) Farmers markets are the best because the farmers typically do not want to load a bunch of produce back with them. You come to them at the end before they pack up and they will usually give you really good deals on produce that will last the next week or two. Yesterday I got a case of organic apples for 4.00. These will last probably another 3 weeks 4.00 for about 50-60 apples. I usually share and give some to others and keep what I know I will eat. :)


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