Earthing/Grounding Discoveries

I have recently gotten a few Grounding devices from Earthing(dot)com

I have a smart watch that tracks my sleep throughout the night and my sleep score has traditionally ranged from 52% - 70%

After sleeping on the mat/pillow, I've started waking up 20 minutes before my morning alarm with a sleep score from 87% - 93% which I've NEVER been able to do previously. I do the 12 minute activation "Getting Great" routine immediately upon waking and whereas I usually struggle with the first breath hold, I went all the way through without feeling any air hunger, And whereas my BOLT score is usually doing good around 35 seconds, this morning my bolt score was **55 SECONDS**

Earthing Elite Sleep Mat Kit

Earthing Elite Pillow Cover Kit

I'm going to invest in several of the yoga mats to use for individual and group 9D sessions

Earthing® Yoga Mat... I've been looking forward to facilitating outdoor sessions, but the 106°+ Fahrenheit summer in Texas has rather put a hitch in my giddy up

Boy howdy, LFGOOOO!!



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