Course unlocks at Level 4
The 5 Minute Breathwork Break
Use this session in the morning, afternoon, evening or night. Anytime you need a pattern interrupt to come back to your center. The ultimate 9D activation ritual. Enjoy!
Course unlocks at Level 8
The 2022 Purge Breathwork Journey
Guided Journey from Dec 28, 2022. Letting go of the old, to make way for the new!
Course unlocks at Level 1
The 5 Day Breathwork Challenge
The 5 Day Breathwork Challenge is guaranteed to change your life for the better. It’s a fast paced, hard hitting, super focused portal combining breathwork with the best tools, techniques and knowledge that I can condense into 5 days. Together we’ll learn and activate: - How to shift your mindset - How to master your emotions - Breathing tools for every situation - Getting your life back under control - The freedom of structure - And much much more. These 5 days will be transformational in every sense of the word, and the best part is we’ll be doing this together. So strap yourself in and I’ll see you in the first video for Day 1! Brian
Course unlocks at Level 1
Master Your Breath Workshop
The core elements you need to know to master your breath. Inside I’ll teach you the different techniques to increase your energy, chill out your nervous system, manage your emotions and help you relax when you need it. I’ll take you through a bonus guided session at the end.
Course unlocks at Level 2
9D Breathwork - 12 Min Session - Getting Great
This ultimate way to start your day. Masterful teachings inspired by Tom Bileyu distilled by Brian on how to become great. 12 minutes. Every morning!
Course unlocks at Level 6
The 9D Breathwork Journey Experience
The 9D Breathwork Journey unlocks the door to your subconscious mind so you can Reprogram negative thoughts and limiting beliefs Heal trauma Reconnect to your heart, your soul and the spirit of adventure It’s the result of 15 years of my own exploration, healing and personal transformation to find the most effective tools to deeply transform your life. How does it work? 9D Breathwork combines: Binaural beats to entrain your brain High def 9D audio technology to create depth, movement and space in your brain Subliminal, empowering hypnotic suggestions to bypass your conscious blocks 432 Hz frequencies to connect you to the vibration of the universe Breathwork - of course - the most highly available tool to access your subconscious Each of these aspects are powerful on their own, but together they provide an unbeatable combination to seamlessly dive beyond your conscious blocks and patterns of self-sabotage and reconnect you to the wisdom and inspiration you know is on the inside. This is the ultimate breathwork experience and it’s right here in your hands. Let’s go!
Course unlocks at Level 3
Journey for Releasing Stress & Anxiety
Stress and anxiety are not meant to be part of your everyday life. We are not here to struggle, suffer or burn out - yet SAD (Stress, Anxiety and Depression) is an epidemic… The cause is basically all the unprocessed shit you haven’t dealt with from your past… So what do we do? You know what I’m going to say next 👉🏽 clear this shit out using the Transformation Breathwork Journey I’ve created just for this purpose. It’s time to Release Stress & Anxiety and create the freedom you want in your life.
Course unlocks at Level 5
Journey for Self Love & Forgiveness
Journey for Self-Love & Forgiveness This is a really important Journey about forgiveness and the power of love in your life. This is the practise of self-love: loving yourself no matter what happens - and continuing to love yourself in the future. Forgiveness begins by learning to forgive ourselves. From that place of compassion and self love we can extend forgiveness to others. Forgiveness frees up our heart so we are not burdened by the past, and when we’ve cleared those thoughts from our mind, our creativity and enthusiasm return in full force. I can’t wait for you to dive into the Journey for Self-Love & Forgiveness See you on the inside. Brian
Course unlocks at Level 7
Journey for Subconscious Mind Reprogramming
This Transformational Breathwork session will be the key that unlocks the door to the subconscious mind
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