Certified BreathMasters! How is your new business?
My background:
I was in the June Cohort but have fallen behind. Work and life are my top excuses. Work has been up and down for the last year. I was contracting (think: desk job) since this time last year. However, those invoices were not getting paid and bills racked up. I finally got caught up and hired as a full time employee. For the last few months pay has been consistent but I recently found out I'm getting pushed back to contract due to a merger. So the uncertainty continues and I'm being advised (personally by my boss) to supplement this change with other contract work.
So I come to a cross roads here where I want to dive into the work and get my certification. I already have business name, LLC, website, some graphics, etc. But my question is:
For those of you that have made the transition, what has been your time frame to profitability? And, to justify that transition, how committed were you (full time, part time, weekends, nights only, etc)?
Thanks in advance! Just looking for some inspiration to take that step (again).
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