Certification Hours Questions

Hi everyone! I’m in the beginning of getting my certification and have some questions I’m hoping you can help me out!

  • Do all of our hours have to be done live? Meaning we play the playlist and speak our script over it in real time? I’m a little confused because I’m not sure how we are supposed to hold space to move energy if we are reading a script at the same time. I’ve recorded my first journey called Healing the Sister Wound and am planning on doing it for a few people but want to make sure playing my recorded journey counts or if it only is done in real time.
  • How do we record our journeys when they’re done live? I’m using my phone as a separate zoom participant so I know where they are in the journey and using my laptop for the zoom session. Would love any advice on how we record a session like this. I’d hate to do it and then not get credit. Someone else mentioned somewhere if we get their testimonial and a photo of the session it counts. Just want to confirm.


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