Breathwork Styles within Breath Masters
If you are like me, you might find yourself ranking and comparing these experiences to one another. Have you asked yourself, which one is best? Have you ever thought " but it is ONLY a regenerative journey"? I have. I began to challenge this dualistic way of thinking as I began hearing of radical transformation taking place with coaches that focus mostly on regenerative journeys. As I had to cope with an aging demographic coming to me with numerous contraindications ( not to mention the contraindications I deal with) I began writing hybrid journeys that only have 14-18 minutes of conscious connected breathing and I am seeing people having such incredible breakthrough experiences, including deep emotions and psychedelic-type visions. I think that the breath is powerful, I think our intentions our powerful, I think inspired words are powerful. We have all three. A transformed life is the end goal, not how loud we scream, how much tetany, or whether we are having an outwardly quiet experience. From my observation, breathwork coaches all over are delivering journeys that are helping people radically transform their lives, who cares how we get there? I love that all of our lights and expressions of that light are different. Some are like 100 candles, some are big search lights, some are oil lamps. At the end of the day, people just need the light. Let's welcome all the variety.
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