Being Interrupted During a Session

I was doing the 9D session last night and I was interrupted and it was at a moment when I was super vulnerable. I didn't have the come down. I normally like having the come down to go back to normal breathing and slowly get up and have some water, etc. I have a process for myself because I go so deep. It gave me a bad headache. It was right before the "scream" so needless to say, I was not happy for my headphones being taken off because I was about to release MEGA emotions and honestly I'm shocked I didn't scream when my partner took my headphones off. My Scottish blood runs deep haha. I was speechless and frozen and then my head started to hurt. I know I can do the session again and I will but I was wondering if anyone ever got interrupted during a session and if they got a splitting headache or any physical side effects. I am not sure if it was because the emotions got held in, if I was super annoyed, or if it was because I didn't get to bring myself back down to earth in a nice, relaxing manner. It went from like 120 to 0. Lights out to lights on, listening on headphones to having my headphones taken off. I feel like it was the spiritual form of blue balls. Have you been interrupted? If so, did you get physical or emotional side effects?


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