Back in the Saddle

Hello my dear breath work friends! I have taken a few weeks since the sudden death of my sister to have extra time for quiet reflection and nurturing myself. As painful as it was, we were granted some very beautiful and enlightening experiences as she was preparing to leave this life and soar into the next. I am grateful to the loving support of my dear friends here at Breath Masters. I owe a debt of gratitude to Marci, Marina, Mona, Sarah, Christie, Amanda Jane, Anati, and Raphael who had their hands on my back through it all. Also to my other fellow senior coaches, Sarah, Sandra, Reece and of course to Brian who also shared tender encouragement to help me shine light even in the sadness.

If it is possible, I feel even more determined to deliver this life transforming medicine. Because of the tranformation of my own life in the last year of being in the program, I felt a calm confidence and sensitivity as I was holding space for the grief around me and I was able to bring hope where little was felt. I credit our training and the incredible support I have found in this community. I look forward to catching up on all of the news but in the meantime, I extend love and gratitude to you all.


You stand on the brink of your own personal revolution. Make use of the tools, the techniques and the transformation available right here and now.

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