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Why I created this group
Naval talks about the "permissionless infinite leverage of the internet" then you create a piece of content and it gets 5 views... we all been there, you know your idea is extremely valuable and it maybe even changed your life, but somehow no one cares. why is this? So first off Welcome to the Great Online Game! The rules are a little bit different here... but secondly, because "It's not the people with the best ideas, but the people who are able to communicate their ideas the best who win." - David Perrell What we fail to understand is that all of us are practically digital marketers who are horrible at marketing. So let me introduce you to the idea of: - The Invisible Creator Problem - How to Become Unique (A Persuasive Artist) - The Art Of Positiong watch the video here to learn how: And with that I want to welcome you to the group please create an introductory post about: Who you are? What you are working on? Were you want to apply the "Art of Positioning"
Why I created this group
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