My response to: Week2: How to Compassionately Quit Procrastinating
Hi here are my responses:
  • How to compassionately “rest” (just to be oppositional haha)
  • “Procrastination” v procrastination because of undiagnosed conditions, SpLD’s… there will be a reason. This is why ripping off the Bandaid hurts, but can be so, so life changing
  • Saying yes, over no. How so much work needs to be done to get to this point where I’m saying yes to this course.
  • “Can make decisions only from love (intuition) and fear (procrastination)”
  • I am not the only one with ADHD writing issues, massive resistance, all wrapped in anxiety :)
  • “The feeling proceeds the actions/manifestation of what we’re trying to bring into the world”. Beauty of the day… family.. food..= so important to writing
  • Importance of feeling ready, peeling back the layers
  • Importance of flow of consciousness, and it releasing judgement/criticism/flack out of the body and mind.
  • PhD…. I’d like 30k of words by end of year. I have had significant (over a decade+) of difficulty due to undiagnosed ADHD and SpLD’s. I have started writing this year, and I’m currently near 16k. The total word count is 80-100k.
  • Paralysing anxiety/avoidance
  • I can feel physically drained from just thinking about it, so I will think I need to “rest”, and rest and rest… before to do it
  • I will not read feedback from my supervisor. My mental health worker has been trying for weeks to get me to a point where she can read them to me. Tomorrow we will meet in a cafe to do if. I think I have rejection sensitivity dysphoria. It is quite debilitating to be so fearful of what might not even be negative feedback.
  • Keep to the aim of 150 words a day and taking all the extra words coming, even if they are just draft form. Get past the perfectionism blocking action and productivity.
  • Acknowledge nervous system dysregulation
  • Be more compassionate toward how I’m feeling, and not beat myself up for feeling fearful
  • Start to try feel my own intuition, what is this to me?
  • I don’t think I’m ready yet. I do use Tiimo that helps with accountability from a non-human. I do a study tutor who is checking in.
Steph and Clarendon the hamster 🐹❤️
Steph Jones
My response to: Week2: How to Compassionately Quit Procrastinating
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