My initial response to: Episode 98: Emotional Freedom in 5 minutes or Less with . Pdf resource!



Me again. Here’s some initial notes I’ve jotted down :)

  • Health - productivity, baby steps to productive intelligence, prioritising, the need to put self first, need to be supported from the core to then support yourself and others.

  • start with the basics then things expand.

  • Listened to podcast at x2 speed. This is a start to being more productive (learning to accommodate SpLD’s)

  • Law of attraction etc. it has scientific proof behind it!

  • Emotional freedom is a human NEED, yet it is not taught. Can take to late 30s + and a lot of work

  • Audio plus visual aid WT*!!!! AMAZING AND ACCOMMODATING OUTRIGHT!

  • Yes/or questions OMG closed questions. Very good for me being autistic. THANK YOU!

  • Can mark up .pdf on my iPad through “Books” whilst listening to the podcast…..amazing… your resources are screaming productivity 😁

  • TBC with actual answering and journal entries (4 x to take 5 to scribe) :)

Love Steph and Clarendon the hamster 🐹❤️


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