BONUS WEEK 9-Comments, Questions and Takeaways (Becoming More Me 8-Week Free Coaching Program)

Happy 11-11! This is where to leave your contributions after checking out the week 9 Bonus training HERE.

The PAPERBACK version of "Becoming More Me" is available TODAY and you can Get your copy HERE. This week's training was recorded right after I woke up on the DAY AFTER Launching and having the book become a best-seller so you could get the real vibe of what was going on and being felt! ✨💕✨


We're talking about manifesting dreams and goals and this will translate to whatever you're working on, too! Going head to head with Resistance, We're about to Get Present and Make Things Happen!

What have your biggest takeaways from this coaching program been?

What are you resisting in your life right now that is keeping you separate from your dreams and intentions manifesting?

What are your feelings about releasing resistance and letting yourself off the hook when it comes to things that don't feel aligned in your life?

I'd love to hear any additional takeaways, comments, or questions you might have now that you are actually reading the book and it's out in the world! ✨💕✨


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