✨For those of you who have been following along with my book writing journey, I'm super excited to share that my book was handed off to the editor for the first round of edits earlier this week!✨🎉✨ PHEW!!! That felt MONUMENTAL on so many levels even though there is still so much to do! Book writing has given me opportunities to put my favorite tools (Tapping and Hypnotherapy) to use on myself on a daily basis so I can continue to level up and stay out of my own way. Turns out this whole process has been more challenging than I imagined it would be so I'm grateful to be resourced with things that help me keep going instead of giving up.

Looks like publishing will land sometime around the full moon in October if things stay on the current schedule.

I am keeping myself detached from any specific launch date or outcome because I know whenever and however it happens, it will be perfectly aligned and right on time!

If you would like to be part of my launch team and get access to special offerings that will be given to those who purchase the book when it launches, Drop your email below or PM it to me with the words, LAUNCH TEAM PLEASE and I'll make sure you get the launch emails!

I'm cooking up some awesome bonuses and opportunities worth hundreds of dollars and jam-packed with breakthroughs for those who grab "BECOMING MORE ME" (the book) when it first releases! :)



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