My name is Michelle. I assist with tech and account setups. If you'd like any assistance message me on here! :)
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Hi my name is Terri jo , I’am a mother of 4 boys .Iam married to my husband Billy for 32 years and I am looking for a side hustle to promote.
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Absolute Integrity
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Driven entrepreneur merging neuroscience with business development , fueled by a love for learning and gratitude for every opportunity. 🚀🧠🌱
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I'm 62 years old and happily married for 36 years as of writing this, father of 2 great young men and grandfather of 2 beautiful grandsons.
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Parrish, Florida
Special needs mama! I will not stop until I have complete financial and time freedom. Always seeing my future self
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Hi I am Suzan Ecker a 70 year old RN ready to retire, love my dogs and am promoting Multiple Streams of Income to help others live their dream.
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Midsouthern country gal here just trying to live her best life! Looking to empower myself and others!
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Helping you get more clients with better web/maps/item displays; do video, ad copy, full websites! IT guy & Forex trader turned Crypto-coin fanboy.
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Ithaca, NY | Hertford, UK
I am a Senior who has worked in real estate. I am a survivor & currently fighting Breast Cancer. I volunteer for an animal group with a blind dog..
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I keep telling folks that trying is lying... You either do, or you don't. If you say you can or you say you can't you are 100% right. Carl Van Haght
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just getting started
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Milwaukee, WI
Hi my name is Michelle I am on journey to try something new and and meet like minded to people to encourage on a journey to success.
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Momma of 5, ready to create the best life for my kids!
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Looking to help those retire early or those that are retired, live the retirement lifestyle of their dreams! I don't want to live small! #Bigdreams
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Publisher of GOO$E. Helping others get crypto educated. Content about crypto projects, innovative leaders, DeFi, passive income, trading bots.
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Denver, CO
Mark Burdon is an experienced small business marketer MediaAuthority successful helping others to brand themselves,mitigate risks, generate new leads
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Melbourne, Australia
22 stay at home mom. Ready to hold other make money online like me!
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Hi community, I'm a proud mom of two teenage boys. I look forward to learning and having my recruiting business soon. Thank you for having me!
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I'm a burned-out network marketer who worked hard for decades to attract her ideal client. I FAILED miserably, dead broke, until I found the BLUEPRINT
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Idaho, USA
🚀Airdrop Farmer | @ricyofficial📥 DM for Business $RICY link 👉 refid=holymem...
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CEO & Spiritual Advisor for Entrepreneurs, author of Verbal Turbulence: The 70/20/10 Rule, Motivational Speaker, and nature lover.
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From Baton Rouge, La. Being a single mother of 2 hearing impaired boys has taught me my own strengths and capabilities. Looking forward 2 this journey
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Baton Rouge Louisiana
Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Analyst | Content Developer & Strategist | Community Builder & Manager
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It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are 👌
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Real Estate Developer and Broker in Fairhope, AL.
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New York
Looking to learn a new skill in the world of digital marketing.
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