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Marketing Prompt:
Part 1: As a Fortune 500 business coach, your goal is to help me generate [$10]000 in 30 days by selling digital products related to " ". Your task is to provide detailed guidance on identifying our ideal customer, suggesting 15 product ideas with corresponding price points, and developing a sales and marketing strategy. Please present your ideas in a clear and organized manner, using bullet points for easy reading.
Part 2: Create a step-by-step action plan for the next 30 days, assuming that I have no prior knowledge in this area but have a budget of [$100]. Your plan should outline the necessary tasks and milestones to achieve the goal of generating [$10]000 in sales. Provide clear instructions and guidance on each step, ensuring that the plan is easy to follow and implement.
Part 3: Provide ideas for day 1 of the action plan, and repeat this process for all 30 days. Each day should have a specific task or activity that contributes to the overall sales goal. Please be creative and provide diverse ideas for each day, ensuring that the activities are feasible and aligned with the broader sales and marketing strategy.
Please ensure that your responses are detailed, well-organized, and provide practical guidance for achieving the desired outcome.
**Replace the information in the brackets to customize for your brand/niche.
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🌟 Marketing Prompt of the Week
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