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Holy Guacamole! 🥑 This AI Content Calendar Hack Will Change Your Instagram Game!
Imagine having your own AI assistant whip up suh-weet posts, captivating captions, strategic hashtags, and poppin' graphics for ya the entire month long! 😱
What a lifesaver, amirite? 💁‍♀️
You focus on big picture IG strategy while your virtual BFF handles the content creation grunt work day by day. Buh bye writer's block! 👋🏻
And with the built-in video script, your calendar will engage followers even more with fun multimedia! 📹
So what are you waiting for? 🕐
Let this brilliant prompt simplify your planning and unlock maximum Instagram impact!
Marketing Prompt:
Please create a content calendar for my Instagram account focused on {TOPIC}. The calendar should cover a period of 30 days and ensure consistent posting. Present the calendar as a table with columns for the title of each post, the script of the post (including {NUMBER OF HASH TAGS} hashtags), and a suggested image to use in the post. Additionally, write a video script for one of the posts with a maximum of {NUMBER OF WORDS} words.
Please note that the content calendar should provide a variety of engaging and informative posts related to {TOPIC}. Each post should be unique and tailored to my target audience. The suggested image should be relevant to the post and visually appealing, capturing the attention of my followers. The video script should be concise and compelling, provide a hook, 3 simple tips and a CTA.
Feel free to include any additional details or specifications for the content calendar to meet my specific needs and preferences.
*Customize to your brand or niche by replacing the information in the brackets with your information.
Ronda Moore
🌟 Marketing Prompt of the Week
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