[INSIDER TRAINING] How to Use Video to Sell More Online Part I

Going LIVE at 4 PM EST | 1 PM PST today!!

Cold outreach sounds scary, right? But it doesn't have to be!

You KNOW you can help others with your expertise, right? It's the process of getting the yes that seems insurmountable, right?

Let me give you an insider tip...if you approach it from the lens of SERVICE versus selling, you win and win big! What the daylights do you mean, Kim?

Well, if you see someone struggling to get their groceries into their car at the grocery store, do you walk on by or do you stop and offer assistance? Does that person KNOW you?

Do they turn you down because they don't know you? Most likely, they are happy to have some help. Guess what?

It's no different for 1000's of people that you "could" help, if you just stopped and offered to do so.

So stop and offer!

In this training, we'll cover the benefits of using personalized video as a sales tool, as well as best practices for creating and implementing this powerful tool in your online sales strategy.


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