How FREE Content Made Me Over $1.5 Million (and you can too!)
Today I'm sharing one of my BIGGEST money-making secrets. 💰 This one strategy gave my biz a zero to $1.5 million income stream...and it all started with FREE content! 😱
Here's the deets:
You have to watch the video to get the whole story but the short and sweet version...I created a simple freebie called "27 Social Media Post Ideas." I have given this away 100,000 times! Then I sold those peeps a $7-$27 mini-course. That course brought in $750K! and...then I upsold them into my $47-$97 membership program which has earned over $1 million so far. 💰
Crazy right?
It just shows the power of using targeted free content to bring in biz and bucks!
But it used to be tough to create freebies that convert. I'd write blog posts or test ideas on social media and pray something would hit. Major time suckage!
That's why I'm psyched to share my new secret weapon - AI for creating money-making freebies FAST!
This month in the AI Authority Insiders workshop (join here 👇) I'll show you how to:
  • Use AI to identify exactly what your audience needs
  • Rapidly create freebies that solve those problems
  • Validate your freebie BEFORE investing tons of time building your landing page and funnel
  • How to follow up your freebies with strategic offers to monetize
If you're ready to turn out free content that converts to cash, grab your spot below! Let's do this, CREATORS!! 🙌
Kim Garst
How FREE Content Made Me Over $1.5 Million (and you can too!)
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