Don't Sleep On "Twitter Reels"
It might shock you how effective they are.
A still image of a Twitter post, looped in a 4s-8s video, without audio. How simple can it be, right? You’ve probably seen creators like Alex Hormozi post these Reels with just a Twitter/X screenshot. If Alex continues to do something it’s usually not because he feels good about it, it’s because it works and he has data to back it up. And the data backs it up, I analyzed every video of Alex Hormozi from the past 6 months and this are my findings:
40% of his 10 most played Reels are “Twitter Reels” (averaging 2.2M views per video)
50% of his 10 most liked Reels are “Twitter Reels” (averaging 117K likes per video)
20% of his 10 most commented Reels are “Twitter Reels” (averaging 1.7K comments per video)
He experiments with a variety of video durations, the best performing ones were 4s, 5.386s and 8.833s.
A simple yet very effective content idea.
Have you ever tried those Twitter Reels? Did it work well for you?
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