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DSL in Kotlin for Test?
Hi guys, I hope everyone is very ok. I'm studying a good content about TDD and of course it made by Jov, this link, in the video number 4 he catch my atentio How he make create test to UI with the Robot pattern, made my head explode from the applied DSL. Ok DSL, omg what does "DSL" mean in Kotlin ? I want to share you this blog that explain different concept tha you need know before to into or dive DSL path . I hope you enjoy it Kotlin DSL | Introduction. Introduction to Domain-Specific… | by Glenn Sandoval | Kotlin and Kotlin for Android | Medium
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Hey guys!
My name is Alona i'm an adroid developer from Ukraine with 3years of experiance. I'm looking for a new job and want to improve my tech skills :)
Hilt + UI Testing Workshop
Hi All 👋 Today's workshop is live, and you can check it out in the Classroom During the workshop, we covered: - Setting up Hilt in a way that lets us manipulate bindings for the UI tests - Using and changing test-doubles in UI tests to create a test-specific setup - Completed the UI tests for the Login - Compared Hilt to Koin in regards to the UI tests - Started introducing Screenshot tests (Paparazzi) Enjoy!
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Today's call cancelled
Hi all, Due to some technicalities that I cannot resolve/arrange on time, I have to cancel today's call. I am sorry for the inconveniences :( Wishing everyone a great weekend.
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